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Each year, a large proportion of papers are rejected due to the standard of English language within the article. Emerald recognizes excellence in research wherever it originates and believes that language shouldn’t be a barrier to publication.

We are pleased to partner with Peerwith to improve our guidance and services for authors.

Peerwith is a platform for author services, connecting academics seeking support for their work with the relevant expert who can help out with language editing and translation, visuals, consulting, or anything else academics need to get their research submission-ready. Authors post their assignment on the Peerwith site, experts provide a quote, and the fee and conditions are then agreed directly between the author and the expert.

Find more information about the service on our dedicated website.

Disclaimer: Use of this service is not mandatory for publication in Emerald journals and does not guarantee peer review or acceptance in an Emerald journal. You are not obliged to submit your paper to an Emerald journal by using this service.