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Electrical and Electronic Engineering Articles

Our index of selected Electrical and Electronic Engineering articles

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Eight key HDI design principles

From: Circuit World, volume: 37 issue: 3, 2011
High-density interconnect (HDI) continues to be the fastest growing segment of the printed circuit board (PCB) market. This paper describes various design and layout procedures that the authors have learned over the last 29 years involved in printed circuit design and fabrication. These principles can be combined with other innovations to enable a much more beneficial use of HDI technologies.

Miniaturization of electrical machines

From: COMPEL, volume: 30 issue: 4, 2011
Electrical machines are currently built by industry with ratings between 2 gigawatts and some milliwatts, all being based on the same electromagnetic principle and similar designs, e.g. with windings located in the slots of a magnetic core. A further miniaturization has to face numerous challenges. This paper presents details of further miniaturization by using thin film technology for depositing and structuring soft magnetic and hard magnetic material, as well as copper for conductors and insulation.

Intelligent techniques for forecasting multiple time series in real-world systems

From: International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics, volume: 4 issue: 3, 2011
Forecasting is a common and important component of many real-world systems. This paper describes a novel real-world system developed for a large food distribution company that requires forecasting demand for thousands of products across multiple warehouses. The study details the system's forecasting algorithm which efficiently handles several difficult requirements including the prediction of multiple time series, the need for a continuously self-updating model, and the desire to automatically identify and analyse various time series characteristics such as seasonal spikes and unprecedented events.

Parametric study of efficient thermal dissipation in an LED back light unit

From: Microelectronics International, volume: 28 issue: 3, 2011
Thermal management under high heat flux is crucial to developing high-power light-emitting diode (LED) applications. The purpose of this paper is to propose an efficient thermal dissipation technique for an LED back light unit system.

Recent progress in wiring networks diagnosis for automotive applications

From: COMPEL, volume: 30 issue: 4, 2011
Ageing wiring in cars, aircraft, trains and other transportation means is identified as a critical security area. The purpose of this paper is to develop a new methodology for wire diagnosis allowing the detection, localization and characterization of the fault in wiring networks.

Micro-via approaches for reducing solder voiding

From: Circuit World, volume: 37 issue: 2, 2011
The trend in electronic devices is towards smaller and lighter, with an increase in functionality and higher density printed circuit boards (PCBs). Different solutions have been proposed, such as fabrication of fine line circuitries and a reduction in the space/pitch between the lines. Micro-via technology is another solution to the challenges imposed by the miniaturization of components in current electronic assemblies.

A DWT-based approach for detection of interturn faults in power transformers

From: COMPEL, volume: 30 issue: 2, 2011
Online monitoring of power transformers has been revealed to be an issue of important concern for electric utilities and transformer holders. Costs associated with failures in these expensive machines, along with sudden and long-lasting outages, are important in exploitation results. This paper describes the development of a new discrete wavelet transform based approach for detection of winding interturn faults, which are considered to be one of the most important causes of failures occurring in both station transformers and generator transformers.

Stability investigations of automatic X-ray inspection systems

From: Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, volume: 23 issue: 2
This paper develops a new method of evaluating the present state of X-ray machines used in the electronics device manufacturing industry.

An innovation in horizontal processing

From: Circuit World, volume: 37 issue: 1, 2011
This paper outlines a number of innovations that can enhance the horizontal processing equipment used in printed circuit board fabrication and related processes. It describes a non-contact laminar, or streamline flow, process chamber and a transport and guiding method suitable for both thick and thin materials. The new process chamber and its related enhancements result in a faster and more uniform chemical reaction than is obtainable with conventional flood chambers, offering reduced equipment footprints and reductions in operating costs.

A novel reactive navigation strategy for mobile robots based on chaotic exploration and TTM self-construction

From: COMPEL, volume: 30 issue: 2 pp590-602, 2011
This paper presents a novel method for the integration of chaotic exploration and thinning-based topological mapping to deal with the "traverse targets and return" problem applied for robot navigation in unknown environments. This new strategy can guarantee the robot stronger ability of exploring unknown environments, as well as recording and selecting optimal trajectory to return.