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Engineering Special Features

Special features – the latest word in engineering from the experts

Effective action requires a balance of theory, practical advice and tips from those who have made a difference. With this in mind we bring you our special features, a mix of practical, insightful articles, interviews with leading figures, case studies and reviews.

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A proud guest at this year’s Aerospace and Defense Meeting 2012

Emerald Group Publishing was a proud guest at this year’s Aerospace and Defense Meeting 2012, held in Seville, Spain, from the 14 – 17 May. The event provided an opportunity for leaders in the aerospace industry to meet with potential industry partners. As publisher of Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology Emerald was delighted to be involved in discussions covering the latest and most crucial topics of the aerospace and defense sector.

Mini feature: Hand held sensor sniffs out shoe bombs

A team at the University of Illinois has developed a technology that is being applied to a hand held device to sniff out Triacetone Triperoxide, the explosive of choice by many aircraft bombers. The project is part of a larger project at the University of Illinois to develop a colourimetric method to detect a number of toxic or dangerous industrial gases below permissible exposure levels. The technology is now in the process of being incorporated into a commercial product by iSense, a sensor manufacturer with operations in Palo Alto, CA and West Palm Beach, Florida.

New materials and equipment: Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new cutting-edge mass spectrometry instruments

At the 59th Annual ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, introduced three breakthrough instruments that take mass spectrometry analysis to new levels of performance in resolution, speed, sensitivity and accuracy. Read on for more details.

Announcement: Pipeline Coating 2012 Conference –  Impact, Weight and Anti-Corrosion Coatings for Pipelines

Owing to the success of the 2011 conference, Pipeline Coating 2012 will be held at a larger hotel in Vienna, Austria from 27-29 February 2012. The pipeline industry is continuing to grow worldwide to provide increased security of energy and water supply, and with hostile environmental conditions in many locations, the pipeline protection market is expanding to meet these requirements.

Book review: Automotive Sensors

In modern vehicles, electronic control systems play an increasingly indispensible role in ensuring vehicle and traffic safety, in optimizing on-board energy use and reducing pollutant emissions, and in providing an extraordinary level of comfort and convenience functions. The growth of these electronic systems is facilitated by parallel developments in sensor technologies. This book is one of the few publications that attempts to comprehensively discuss the various sensors used in modern vehicle systems.

Review: IEEE Workshop on Reliability & Safety

A thoroughly worthwhile event held within the magnificent buildings of the University of Greenwich, comprising a thoughtful programme of papers from a wide variety of speakers, all of whom held to the one theme announced in the banner – reliability and safety. For those who might have had their Toyota recalled, or who recall oil rigs exploding, or who have read about airliners crashing in mysterious circumstances into the ocean, or who have been stuck on a train as the motive power unit fails, such topics have a resonance.

Offshore corrosion project report

The key finding of a report by the Health and Safety Executive into external corrosion management published in December 2010, is that a focus on preventing major offshore incidents is leading some companies to neglect the general maintenance of their oil and gas platforms.

Gear heat treatment for toughening up your teeth

Gears, particularly load-carrying power transmission gears, play a vital role in every field of industry, from aerospace, agriculture and automotive, to winching and wind generation. According to experts, heat treatment is a core competency that represents around 30 per cent of typical gear manufacturing overheads, so selecting the right heating and quenching process is vitally important for durability, reliability, cost control and the avoidance of over-engineering.

The aftermath of the Japanese earthquake: what are the implications for the global electronics industry?

The effects of the devastating earthquake, which hit Japan in March, are already beginning to take hold on the global electronics industry. Damaged buildings and infrastructure, and halts to some semiconductor fabs will, without doubt, have a knock-on effect on the global semiconductor supply chain, with many of the big names, i.e. Nokia, General Motors and Apple already experiencing supply shortages.

Military robotics and the robotics community's responsibility

Many consider robotics technology a potentially new revolution in military affairs, especially as we move towards more and more autonomous systems in the battlefield. This will result in changes involving tactics, precision, and perhaps, if done correctly, a reduction in atrocities as outlined in research conducted in our laboratory. But this emerging technology can lead us into many different futures, some dystopian ...

Call for papers: Special issue on

The guest editors of the International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics welcome papers on topics relating to the coverage of a forthcoming special issue on unmanned/uninhabited aerial vehicles. This special issue aims at exhibiting the latest research achievements, findings and ideas in UAV development.