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For Engineers

Insightful practical and theoretical articles, interviews,
case studies, viewpoints and more…

Welcome to Emerald For Engineers. As a busy engineer, we are aware that time is of the essence for you.

That is why we have carefully selected some of the finest articles from our Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) ranked journals and blended these with featured reviews, interviews and case studies – all designed to enable busy practitioners and researchers keep abreast of the latest developments in their areas of interest.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Articles

Electrical and Electronic Engineering articles.

Innovative electrical and electronic engineering articles providing access to both theoretical and practical intelligence. Areas covered include energy conservation, sensor technology, medical imaging, modeling, design and manufacturing.

Mechanical and Materials Engineering Articles

Mechanical and Materials Engineering articles.

A unique research into practice collection of mechanical and materials engineering articles, incorporating advanced automation, aerospace engineering, corrosion management, lubrication and tribology, polymer and colorants technology, and structural engineering.

Special Features

Special features.

Effective action requires a balance of theory, practical advice and tips from those who have made a difference. With this in mind we bring you our special features, a mix of practical, insightful articles, interviews with leading figures, case studies and reviews.

Engineering Events

Engineering Events.

To help make life easier, our international events section will help you pinpoint the right event for you! For all the latest events in electronic, mechanical, materials engineering and more, see our engineering events page.