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Has the iPad revolutionized education?

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By Margaret Adolphus


Slim, sleek and stylish, the iPad is the ultimate multitasking device.  It's a Web browsing enabler, an ebook reader, an iPod, a video recorder and viewer, a diary, a notebook and many more.

With so many technological affordances in one device, it is small wonder that the iPad has roused a great deal of excitement in the educational world.

The non-profit organization Educause (2011) had this to say about its significance:

As a single device that is smaller than a laptop, the iPad combines robust computational functionality with a screen large enough to serve as a legitimate replacement for printed text- books and other course materials, with the added benefits of interactivity.

This article looks at some of the major uses of the iPad in education, with the exception, however, of ebooks and etextbooks, this being a subject in its own right to be covered separately.

The iPad is not the only tablet device on the market, but it is one which for the most part will be discussed here, unless we refer specifically to programmes carried out on other brands.  However, much of what is true for the iPad applies to other devices.